Thursday, March 26, 2009

My little visitor, a sale, and a treasury

Apparently the little guy couldn't resist my daffodils. I don't have the heart to kill ants, so I end up just scooping them up and putting them back outside. They're neat little critters, but I'd prefer they stayed outside.

On to the sale...


TNT stands for Thursday Night Temptation. :)

This week's special is buy one item, get a second of equal or lesser value half off! (If you want a gift certificate, your other item will be half off) The difference will be refunded via PayPal, or I can reserve an adjusted second listing for you if you need to use a check or money order.

This sale is in effect until Friday, March 27 at noon EST. Happy shopping!

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I've also been picked for a treasury! It's the first time someone has chosen one of my lip balms, so that's very exciting, plus I just love it when people like my things enough to feature them. :) You can view the treasury (which is this person's first one) here: click away!


  1. i love the picture..its so clear and crisp..and that shock of yellow is gorgeous.
    the lil ant look totally happy:)and so at home

  2. Gorgeous pictures! We are not as kind when those little annoyances show up at our house. Thanks goodness for silicone, we sealed every crack in the house...we'll see if it works!

    Congrats on being in a treasury :)