Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love Etsy, really I do

I've met some absolutely wonderful people, and I really don't want to leave, but I have to say there are times where I'm disappointed with the site and how admin handles communication. Especially of important policy changes. I really hope they get their crap together, but I was hoping the same thing after the renewing/relisting debacle. Let's hope that two strikes is all it takes, because I'd hate to see anything bad happen to the site I like so much most of the time.

I've been toying with listing on other venues, and I may still, but I just obtained a domain name and will hopefully have the skeleton of a running website up by the end of next week. I may just wait and put half my eggs in that basket. I don't want to spread myself too thin, but I'd also like to give people the option to buy directly from me without having to set up a buyer account, which some people do not want to do, and I respect their choice.

In other news, I love how it's totally okay for credit card companies to bend us over without the benefit of lube OR dinner first.

Check out this article and protect yourselves my dear friends...

this is kind of horrifying


  1. what happened?
    etsy screwed me over recently too

  2. I'm just talking about the whole billing debacle. I really like Etsy, but they need to work on their communication skills.

  3. i have my own website but i have not really done a lot with it. right now it links back to my etsy for sales of items. I am hoping to one day sell straight off my site though. I also signed up for artfire but I havent really done much with that either.