Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Etsy Shop!

I finally decided to dedicate an entire shop to my bath and body line! I hope this makes it easier for people to find me and shop.

It's very much a work in progress, but you can find Spooky Grrrl here.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm posting this for my reference...

...but there may be others who can use the information. I'm looking into products for a friend that are coconut free since her children have allergies.

Click here to see the post of coconut allergy information.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Helpful Website for Those Curious About Common Skincare/Beauty Product Ingredients

In my search to find information on good natural preservatives to use in my products I found a very nice website that is quite helpful. You may wish to take a peek. Remember that just because something is labeled "natural" or "organic" does not mean it really is either of those things. Labeling regulation here in the U.S. is not very good in my opinion, especially when it comes to personal care items. It's amazing what manufacturers can get away with! This is one of the many reasons I began making my own body butters, etc....I have much more control over what goes into my product and therefore onto my skin. I use all of the things I make, and I have some of the fussiest skin you can imagine. If I can use it then most anyone else can!

I hope some of you find this helpful. What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put into our bodies. Our skin absorbs a great deal, so be good to it!

Click here to see the site.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year.

"Art is no recreation, it canot be learned at spare moments, nor pursued when we have nothing better to do. It is no handiwork for drawing-room tables, no relief for the ennui of boudoirs; it must be understood and undertaken seriously or not at all. To advance it men's lives must be given, and to receive it, their hearts." John Ruskin, Modern Painters, 1843

Wishing all of my fellow artisans a prosperous and happy 2010. :)