Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You know, it's interesting.

I sat down today and figured out just how much money from my business I have directly contributed to the running of the household since one my husband's bitches is that I never help him financially (among a long list of other things, all basically b.s. by the way).

I added everything up from just my PayPal account since getting my debit card, and it turns out that I actually, if you average that total out over the past 3 months, match if not very slightly exceed what he gives me for the household. (When I say household I mean anything having to do with keeping us alive and comfortable, from pet food and supplies to toilet paper, groceries, gas, laundry etc) Also, if I were to get a part-time, minimum wage job I would be making LESS on average than I currently make with my Etsy shop. And this is after no paid advertising (other then some sample swaps, which I haven't actually done in well over a month) and spending the absolute bare minimum on supplies and equipment.

My business is sputtering along, but it is obviously doing better then even I thought.

And also, I have been working in my undies. How's that for awesome?

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  1. It's always awesome to be able to work in undies, haha