Monday, February 16, 2009

25 random things meme (xposted from facebook)

1. My first goal is move back to IL, and as close to Chicago as possible, as soon as possible. I can't even adequately describe just how much I hate it here. Words cannot effectively express it. They really can't.

2. It's hard keeping a balance between wanting to be supportive of my husband's goals and not neglecting my own.

3. All you crazy ass bitches best just stay away. No more Mrs. Nice Lori. THE GLOVES ARE OFF.

4. Bath and body products are quickly taking over my life.

5. I love taking pictures, especially of abandoned places. Urban exploration rules.

6. The fact that my husband likes to watch reality shows just bugs the shit out of me. Gods are they awful, and "Rock of Love" makes me want just scream and turn in my vagina card.

7. I miss my nieces and nephew.

8. I hope to be able to visit my mom while she's in Arizona. I've never been there.

9. I definitely need to travel more. Lots more. There's too many people I miss.

10. I'm looking forward the event this weekend, kind of. I'm terrified that I'm going to be unable to control my urge to mock Furries and I know for a fact that the music is going to mostly suck. It's going to be the same tired shit I've been hearing at clubs for over a decade which makes me mad because I haven't been to an even remotely scene oriented event in damn near a year. I hope there's lots of cool steampunk stuff though. I'm vending, so I need to play nice.

11. I need to start working out again.

12. I want to learn how to crochet, and expand my knowledge of lotions and such.

13. I really wish I had the space to make cold process soap.

14. I am so boring anymore. Maybe it's because I hate it here and I have no life except Etsy.

15. I love Etsy chat. Srsly.

16. I hope to get back into dj'ing. Oh how I misses it!

17. It would be rad to go to GenCon again. Just because. I could use some serious geek time.

18. My DVR is a dangerous thing. There are just way too many good tv shows on right now.

19. I hope to launch my own website some time this year. Etsy is rad, but it would be nice to have an alternative. I've looked into other sites, and most of them just aren't as nice as Etsy.

20. Going back to school would be sweet.

21. I aim to find a place where both my husband and I can be content and do things we like. Our relationship has been rather one-sided for too long. I admire what he's trying to do, and he's beyond talented, and I know there's a better place for us.

22. I'm working on some wholesale deals. That's super awesome.

23. I miss playing video games. I honestly just don't have the time anymore. The man got me a system that plays old NES games, which rules, and I've barely touched it. I got Dr. Mario, Tetris and the first two Super Mario games. Oooh, and it plays Nintendo 64 stuff too. Zelda is next baby. I used to be able to play Dr. Mario until I couldn't see straight. Like all night. Literally.

24. I've become rather reclusive. It's a huge defense mechanism because of all the bullshit that's gone down here.

25. I have gotten really bad at keeping in touch with people. I need to remedy that. I used to be so social, and it was always so easy for me to get along with others and have fun. I miss myself.

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