Thursday, December 23, 2010

Well, apparently that old saying is true... just can't please everyone.

I just dealt with my first unhappy customer and it's hitting me hard. I have to admit I got upset and emotional at certain points, which I shouldn't have done, but it's difficult. I put a lot of myself into my work, even if it is just soap.

Fellow sellers, how do you deal with this? I'm looking for helpful hints because I'm struggling with it. I know I have many happy customers, many who come back again, so I know I shouldn't let one really displeased person get me down, but it is. It got sort of personal, sad to say, and it's getting to me.


  1. My mere opinion won't change a thing but from what I have seen here it's your client's #fail. If she can't appreciate your stylish works of art, let her buy cheesy soap bars from stuck up stores so she can do some name dropping afterwards. I guess she just doesn't appreciate something custom made and out the box.

  2. Every individual is different. You're always gunna come across a stubborn individual who has to come and make your life that little bit more difficult. But who gives a damn, as long as you know your giving 110% and doing your job to the best of your capacity, screw the one unhappy person. Statistically, it was inevitable anyway. There'll always be that one fussy person!

    Shrug it off and concentrate on your the things you do best at work/in life in general :D

    Great blog.

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