Sunday, August 16, 2009

Say hi to Dickens (as in he's a little troublemaker). He is one of 3 kittens we saved from our horrible and stupid neighbors. He loves to sit on my chest while I work on my laptop, and he often sleeps there too. His momma was a little gray stray kitty and all 3 babies look just like her. She had 6 kittens total, which is amazing because she was super teeny herself! Two of them don't have full tails, probably because they didn't have enough room in the womb to fully develop. Sadly, they wouldn't surrender the other 3 to us. They were pretty bad off when we got them, their little tummies were all distended and they couldn't have been even 5 weeks old, but they are doing much better now. They still have belly issues, but they are nothing like they were two weeks ago thank goodness. I was worried that one of them wouldn't make it, but he pulled through and is now the chubbiest of them all. That makes 5 kittens in the house, all looking for good homes. I hope we can find them loving people to be with, because we are packed to the max with critters at this point!

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