Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today was gross. Seriously.

Not only do I still feel like hell because my girly bits totally hate me, but the weather was disgusting. It snowed the other day (which I am fine with frankly), but then today it rained. So there is this HUGE crust of ice on top of the snow. It's very thick, so walking outside to feed the stray cats that I keep alive was damn near deadly. I felt so sorry for the one kitten who lives under the building next to ours try to come over to me to inform me of just how hungry he is because he likes to mew at me. It's his new little daily ritual. Anyway, I had to watch the poor little guy slip and slide and wipe out after each step until he finally gave up after about 5 steps and turned around to wait for me on more secure ground.

I will say that seeing the branches all coated in ice, with a touch of fog in the air and the constant drip of water gives the Renaissance faire where I live a very surreal, almost dreamlike feel. To see the Tudor-style buildings through the haze while hearing the crunch crunch crunch of the ice-covered snow under my feet as I move around trying to feed all the hungry mouths makes me feel isolated from the world at large, even more so then usual. Like I'm caught in some kind of weird event horizon, suspended in my own little bubble of reality.

It also made going to the post office impossible. So, for the few orders and trades I have right now, I hope I can get them out tomorrow. That whole living on a Ren faire site sort of negates USPS carrier service which equals a huge pain on days like today.


  1. sounds pretty actually...
    i picture some kind of narnia fairytale as you walk around feeding the talking animals :)

  2. It was pretty actually, but rather hazardous too. I WAS waiting for a satyr in a red scarf to show up, but maybe, since I don't have a wardrobe to walk through, I wouldn't find him.

  3. Ohh, and don't forget that handsome Prince Caspian *swoon*.